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How to Create Engaging Video Content

The rise of video content best exemplifies how quickly consumer behavior can radically shift online. What was once an oft-ignored content medium is now preferred content medium for consumers across the world (according to CISCO, 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2020). Studies show that if both video and text are present […]

Why digital video has become the new performance hero?

The advertising world experienced a dramatic shake-up over the past few years, with digital moving rapidly up the ranks. The growing sophistication of automation software is enabling advertisers to target highly effective ads to the right audience at the right time across multiple screens. And we’re not talking about banner ads. With a wealth of […]

All content strat needs to include short form video

SCREEN AFRICA EXCLUSIVE: The production industry is currently facing disruption from brands and media owners who want short, impactful and instant video coverage, more often – and at a greatly reduced cost, although still of good quality. Many brand and communications experts have been predicting the rise of visual content, particularly video content over the […]

5 Video Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore in 2018

I’m almost getting tired of using the words, ‘The Year of Video Marketing.’ When I first joined Wyzowl back in February 2013, I was convinced that would be ‘the year of video.’ 2014 outshone it. 2015 set a new bar. 2016 saw video reach new heights. 2017…well, you get the picture. My point is, video […]

3 hacks for optimizing online video across social media platforms

Online video for business has the power to attract new clients, drive revenue, and bolster brand awareness when combined with platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The jury is out! Attention spans are down, and forcing potential customers to scroll through lines of tiny text on mobile devices through squinted eyes is not going to […]

Google introduces video ads – what you need to know

Video consumption is growing. There are currently 15 million active monthly YouTube users in Australia, and now Google has extended the reach of video campaigns for advertisers beyond YouTube by including video in the SERP’s (search engine results page) – but only on mobile devices. The new format is called outstream video ads and is […]

30 Steps to Consider when Commissioning a Brand Video

Whilst there’s no doubt that video is shaping up to become the dominant medium on the internet, creating a professional and slick looking marketing film is not an easy task. Whether you opt to commission a video with a production agency, or look to create your video content strategy and productions in-house, or with limited […]

Shorter videos more common, but longer content drive engagement

Videos are a tool that many marketers count among the most effective in their arsenal. But, there are certain rules that need to be followed to drive engagement. One of those rules is that shorter, sharper bursts of video content tend to be more effective than longer ones. But a new study by video marketing […]

4 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been the backbone of most online marketing campaigns. However, in the last fifteen years, our society has been becoming more and more dependent on visual content. The recent rise of platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest ensured that humanity keeps going in this direction and the trend is only going […]

Going Viral With Video Marketing

Video is now the preferred method of many people searching for information online, and significant research has been conducted to help marketers — including veterinarians — make the most of their campaigns. Follow these basic guidelines to start your video marketing off on the right foot. Making Videos Content Whether you’re creating your first video
or […]