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Why video is today’s key to success for businesses

By Fujifilm -December 6, 2021Videomaker is independent and supported by its readers. When you purchase something after clicking links on this site, Videomaker may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. When it comes to a successful business strategy, utilizing video is absolutely essential. Video is everywhere we look in today’s online-driven world. Video has gone beyond the world […]

8 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Best Practices You Need to Know

We all dream creating a website or landing page will instantly increase our conversions, meet our sales goals, and are consistently growing our traffic. The problem? It’s not always true. In fact, the average conversion rate for a website is just 2.35 percent. There’s a good chance your website isn’t converting—and that’s okay. Instead of […]


MARCH 15, 2021 / CREATIVE HUMANS Video marketing is a critical aspect of any online marketing strategy. Videos offer an accessible and entertaining way to engage with your audience and are incredibly versatile. They can help you introduce new products, explain new services, build a community, and more.  By developing and implementing an effective video content […]

What’s The Future of Video Marketing For Businesses In 2022

If you’ve not realized that video is the most popular type of web content, now is the time to do so.  The importance of video marketing trends in overall marketing strategy is growing. Eighty-six percent of businesses said they were using video as a marketing strategy in 2021. Moreover, 93% of them consider it a crucial component […]

Instagram Reels: Everything Brands Need to Know for 2022

The rise of popular video-sharing sites like TikTok is steadily growing, and Instagram wants to beat TikTok at their own game. Nonetheless, brands are starting to jump on the bandwagon as Reels is shaping up to be one of the crucial aspects of digital marketing for 2022. Consumer expectations will constantly evolve, and brands know […]

The Right Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos That Convert for Ecommerce

Tom More / People depend on social platforms to connect with friends, watch videos, make online purchases, and more. As internet connectivity continues to penetrate the world, social media is now integrated into everyone’s daily lives. Also, these platforms are not just for posting content, they are powerful tools for ecommerceowners. As a result, you can now […]

7 Biggest Video Marketing Mistakes You Should Know

Debra MurphyNovember 5, 2021TwitterFacebookLinkedInFlipboard0 Video marketing campaigns have been buzzing all over social media platforms. This marketing strategy conveys product messages that people are often reluctant to find for themselves. As video content is becoming popular, marketers should take this opportunity to leverage their campaigns using this content format. But before jumping into video creation, […]


We’ll show you why videos are the best type of content material and how you can use video to drive engagement. by JUSTAS MARKUSContributor.111SHARESShareTweetPost Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash Getting the attention from the right demographics is becoming more challenging, particularly when you are trying to promote goods or services in an environment that is already saturated with […]