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From Video to Viral In 6 Steps.

When I first saw my friend Emma’s YouTube video come through on my Facebook feed, it had about 75 views. A day later? Over 200,000. Four days later: almost 800,000 and climbing. What took this video to virility so quickly? A talented actress, a brilliant concept, and a few tried-and-true internet marketing tricks. With a […]

Video SEO Vs Video Quality.

A lot of marketers who begin using video in their businesses get confused as to where their priorities should be. Should they be working on getting their videos to rank well? Or should they be focusing on high quality videos that drive conversions and get shared by being embedded on blogs and shared on social […]

Video Content -The Final Frontier.

Video content can make a huge splash in a marketing campaign. Social media allows marketers to create their own informative, funny, or shocking content, which can then be passed around in an instant. Today’s digital users love a quick video, and they really don’t care whether it’s user-generated or branded, as long as they find […]

5 Reasons To Use Animation In Content Marketing.

We all know you can save 15 percent or more on car insurance. Why? Because a talking gecko told us so. It’s also common knowledge nobody better lay a finger on Bart Simpson’s Butterfinger, the Energizer Bunny keeps going and going, polar bears love Coca-Cola, and “Trix are for kids” (not some silly rabbit). Why […]

8 Ways to Brand Yourself on YouTube.

How do you develop a brand on YouTube? It definitely takes more than just an awesome logo. Why is branding important? You want to give people something familiar and recognizable in which to attach your content so that viewers will likely want to check out all of your other videos and ones you upload in […]

Why videos are important with your SEO and Social Media Strategy.

  Videos are certainly the most suitable contents for websites today. Even a decade back, videos were considered as entertaining contents; whereas, today, general businesses are effectively using video marketing strategies for generating leads and promote business deals. Marketing experts have been studying the changes and evolution in search engine algorithms since the beginning. Especially […]

Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Video Views Online.

YouTube isn’t very complicated. It’s all about thinking what will my audience click… while they are at work. That is the key. If you want a video to go viral that takes work, but the first step is putting up images and title that are not offensive. If it can be watched at work it […]

Video SEO: 4 easy optimization tips.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience online, whether you’re running a huge multi-national corporation or a small business employing just a few staff. In fact, more small businesses than ever are choosing to include videos on their websites as they realise that video is becoming an integral part of […]

How to Use 15-Second vs 30-Second Pre-Roll Video Ads for Ecommerce Retargeting.

Similar to television advertising, the most effective lengths for in-stream online video ads are 15 and 30-second spots. However, the advantage online video advertising has over TV is that it can be delivered in the form of a pre-roll video ad targeted and personally relevant to a consumer based on his individual shopping behavior. The […]

How To Ask Your Client For A Video Testimonial.

Some businesses hesitate to ask clients to prepare a testimonial but testimonials are one of the best ways to boost your online credibility, both for products and services. Video testimonials? Doubly so. When posted on social media networks the influence multiplies each time someone shares the video. In addition to boosting credibility, video testimonials can […]