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“Our approach to communication has always been to get the audience to sit up and take notice.” Ketan Kulkarni

“The brand BlueDart enjoys very high familiarity with the audience, so it is always a creative challenge that we take up to create communication that is better than before and ensure it does justice to the image we have built.” – Ketan Kulkarni, CMO & Head, Business Development, Blue Dart.  Blue Dart has always tried […]

Best Live Streaming Equipment for All Budgets (2023 Edition)

Live streaming has become a hot trend in the online world for businesses and content creators alike, and more people are looking to get into it daily. Although video streaming has been around for quite some time now, it has just started to take off. Between April 2019 and 2020, the industry has grown by […]

12 Best Private Video Hosting Platforms That Will Keep Your Videos Safe

Whether you use video for internal communications in your company or are building an OTT streaming service, you must keep your content protected. That is why finding a reliable, private video hosting platform should be the first step on your journey. But why is a private hosting solution superior to a public one for businesses? […]

Deep Fakes: How Synthetic Video Will Affect the Future of Video Marketing

In the digital media space, we’ve gotten used to spotting manipulated images online. If you’ve ever clicked on a “Photoshop fails” article or cringed at an over-filtered Instagram post, you’ve developed an eye for altered content.  Today, though, video content is infinitely more compelling than image-based content. And as technology advances, we’re seeing the evolution […]

Six New Generation Video Hosting Platforms For Businesses in 2023

Get Started within 30 secs Videos are a great medium to tell your story, engage your audience visually, and drive value for your business. It’s only when you have a great video hosting platform for your business goals; your video content will reap the benefits. There is also a slight increase in the growing number […]

LinkedIn Video Advertising: The Importance of Keeping a Professional Tone

Since its launch in 2017, LinkedIn video has proven that the platform is much more than just a place to post written and static B2B content.  Video posts generate more than 300 million impressions on LinkedIn, which is a lot! Additionally, they also tend to earn an average of three-times the engagement of written content.  […]

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Guide

The Q4 shopping extravaganza is quickly approaching, and businesses need to be in full sales mode to take advantage of the spending spree. Consumer buying behavior peaks during the holiday season, so it’s important to start ramping up marketing efforts right now. Last year, Cyber Week (from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday) drove $33.9B in […]

4 Video Analytics Platforms That Can Help You Track the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns

When it comes to tracking the effects of your video marketing campaigns, analytics are critically important. Analytics help you track what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to optimize effective campaigns and pause those that aren’t working for you.  Analytics also help you gain a better understanding of your audience. You get a glimpse into […]

10 Tools for Smooth Remote Collaboration

There are plenty of efficient tools available to help us stay connected and keep track of our work progress, allowing us all to become better time managers. This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite task and time management, brainstorming  and data protection tools! Task and time management 1. Remote collaboration on � As more […]