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Product Videos vs. Explainer Videos: How Do You Decide?

When it comes to enhancing your marketing strategy, video content can be a game-changer. But with so many options available, it’s important to understand the differences between common video types—and why you might choose one versus the other. Enter: product and explainer videos. These two video types are especially useful for brands, but they’re often […]

5 Uncommon Video Tactics you need to use right now

In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive world we live in, grabbing the attention of prospects is no walk in the park. It has become an essential element of any successful sales outreach strategy, where standing out from the sea of competitors is an absolute must. And that’s where the power of videos comes into play. […]

The Power of Contextual Video in the Era of Personalization

In today’s digital world, personalized content and user experiences hold the key to winning customers. Brands that are able to provide tailored content based on an individual’s preferences and interests stand a better chance of engaging with their target audience and building relationships with them. Contextual video is a new form of personalized content that […]

Top 5 AI Video Editors: Which One is Right for You? [including pros and cons]

Are you tired of spending countless hours editing videos? Do you feel like video editing is a daunting task that only professionals can accomplish? Well, you’re not alone. Like you, many sales reps find editing a tall feat to achieve. In fact, when we pitch videos to sales teams, a common objection they have is […]

How to Approach Inbound Video Marketing vs. Outbound Video Marketing

At its core, marketing is all about finding customers. However, if you’ve been marketing products or services for a while, you know the reality can be more complex than it sounds. How you find those customers is what it’s all about, and there are seemingly endless ways for you to find customers, generate interest, and […]

How do I create one video and send personalized videos to multiple prospects?

In the world of sales, the need to send personalized videos to prospects has never been more essential than it is today. However, as a sales professional, you’re most likely juggling multiple tasks at once, from sending emails and messaging leads, to making follow-up calls and cold-calling potential clients, leaving little to no room for […]