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The Buyer’s Journey: Why You Need More Than One Video

When I heard the term “buyer’s journey” for the first time, I envisioned bright-eyed, ambitious folk embarking on a long, meandering expedition in pursuit of something important. While that’s much more aligned with the “hero’s journey,” a common template in movies/film, the two actually do have a lot in common. Made popular by Joseph Campbell […]

How to Build a Video-On-Demand Website for Your Business

If you’re starting a video business, knowing how to build a video-on-demand website should be high on your list of priorities. The VOD website will be a way for your audience to access and enjoy your content from their browsers. However, there is more to building a VOD site than just purchasing a domain and […]

Optimizing Videos for Search Engines: Key Mistakes to Avoid

Most of today’s marketers understand that video can boost SEO efforts. (If you’re a bit behind the times, check out this article to learn more about the link.)  At the same time, tons of content professionals post videos that violate SEO best practices. There’s no wrong way to create a video, but there are common […]

6 Tips to Elevate Your Customer Testimonial Videos

Establish legitimacy. Social proof. Brand elevation. FOMO. There are more reasons than ever to produce a customer testimonial video. And we’ve recently seen many clients use them as a quick follow-up project to more overview or explainer video productions. Not only do they hold great value, but they also simplify the process—perfect for a final […]

8 Top and Free ‘GIF creators’ in 2023

What is the use of GIF Images? It makes a situation easy to explain, like its counterpart “emojis”.  GIFs have the ability to express everything from emotion to wide spanned comical and marketing ideas. GIFs are eye catching and attract the visitor when browsing a website and thus are handy to incorporate into your web […]

How Do You Find the Target Audience for Your Brand Videos?

One of the first steps in creating your video marketing strategy is figuring out exactly who you want your videos to reach. This is no easy task — you likely have a target audience in mind, but maybe not in practice. Will this audience give you the best return on investment? Is your product’s buyer […]

3 challenges of CSMs in 2023 and how to tackle it with videos

Customer success managers (CSMs) are constantly challenged to provide an exceptional customer experience. However, the modern customer is making it difficult for them to stay competitive. CSMs must therefore find innovative ways to streamline and optimize processes, while engaging them in multiple channels. One tool that can help nurture strong customer relationships and foster mutual […]

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a great way to build a deeper relationship with your audience and help them get to know your brand—but just having an explainer video doesn’t mean you have a good explainer video.  Many companies make unfortunate mistakes during explainer video productions, and they’re left with a video that’s not as effective as […]

7 Tips for Amazing Kickstarter Video Production (2023 Edition)

Kickstarter video production is playing an important role these days and has become the prime place to get funds for your project. The beauty of this is that it removes all sorts of middlemen and gives you direct access to funds for your project. We live in a visual society and video works for a […]