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How to Make a Looping GIF in After Effects

It’s the little-image-format-that-could; despite being over 30 years old, animated GIFs continue to show up everywhere. The ability to pack a series of animated images into one single, simple file (giving you the potential to tell a story and/or present multiple messages) is something we collectively just can’t seem to quit.  No matter how you […]

6 Facebook Video Marketing Tips That Will Help You Increase Views

Do you know how many videos get viewed by Facebook monthly users? Well, there are over 8 billion videos viewed every day, which is equivalent to 100 million hours of videos. Is yours one of them? If not, imagine how much you’re missing out. Your competition is already taking advantage of the numbers. Additionally, Facebook […]

Use Video to Spice Up the Content on Less Visited Pages

A website can be visited by hundreds or thousands of users each day. There’s typically a goal to funnel these visitors to the more profitable pages of a site. However, the pages that aren’t visited as frequently also need some love. One way to keep users engaged on these pages while also providing necessary information […]

6 Essential Video Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

We’re gonna give it to you straight: video marketing is a big deal. It’s engaging, it works on a variety of digital platforms, and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Plus, video marketing helps you take advantage of YouTube traffic. Did you know YouTube is the second-most-popular search engine in the world? We […]

The Dos and Don’ts to a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

If we combine written content and images, what do you think the chances of it being shared online over video are? Zero. That’s right, not only is video more likely to be shared over text and images, the chances of it happening are 1200%. We’re going to take you through what to do if you […]

How to Get Started With Social Media Video: Goals and Types of Videos

We’ve come a long way since text-based posts and static images dominated social media. Now, it’s about video. And not just blurry graduation videos or 1 minute Buzzfeed Tasty videos – we’re talking about branded, goals-oriented videos. Out of the 84% of marketers who have published video content on Facebook, 85 percent found it to […]

4 Ways to Use Video for Brand Awareness �

At StoryMe, we believe moving your prospects through the marketing funnel is all about speaking to them with the right content at the right time. But, first things first: people need to know about your brand’s existence and business. This brand awareness is something you can only establish with great content: visually appealing content that shows who you […]

The 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Videos For Branding

Brand videos are an outstanding medium that can be used to set yourself apart, tell your story, and connect with new customers. It’s kind of like the elevator pitch of online marketing, and the potential reach is exceptional. It’s easy to look at examples of exceptional brand videos and feel like they must have been […]

4 Ways to Explain Your Product Simply With Video!

We’re big believers in keeping it simple. Even the most complex product or service deserves to be condensed down to its core! A good explainer video showcases your company’s personality, explains what you’re doing, shows a clear benefit, and tells a compelling story. Also, explainer videos are a great way to introduce your business, product […]

How to Create an Instagram Video Ad Funnel That Actually Works

Instagram Ads are one of the most  valuable PPC options available to advertisers. There’s no question about it. With around 30% of users purchasing something they’ve first discovered on Instagram and the massive reach potential of Instagram Ads, this adds up. Video ads are likely even more valuable, ranking in an average of 3x more […]