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How to Create Your First TikTok Video

Thinking of using TikTok? Wondering how to publish your first TikTok video? In this article, you’ll discover how to use TikTok’s in-app recording, editing, and effects features to create your first TikTok for business. #1: Get Acquainted With the TikTok Interface TikTok has experienced massive growth in the last 12 months with nearly 1 billion […]

Creating Live Video Like a Pro: Tips for Any Personality

Need to do more with live video? Not sure what to talk about when you go live? To explore how to create live video like a pro, regardless of your personality, I interview Luria Petrucci on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Luria is a live video strategist and the co-founder of Live Streaming Pros. Her company helps […]

Four Video Marketing Metrics That Matter (And Why)

Video marketing helps marketers connect with audiences and realize their business goals. With mobile phones more in use than ever before, video is a major content format for smaller screens. To improve one’s video marketing, it’s vital to use video marketing metrics that show you how your marketing efforts are going. Let’s explore the key marketing […]

TikTok Marketing: A Marketer’s Definitive Guide for 2020

TikTok seems like an app that came from nowhere and then exploded in popularity due to the Gen Z crowd’s influence. An app that initially started in China has now become a worldwide sensation.  In fact, it hit 1.5 billion downloads last year from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. TikTok had its humble […]

Twitter Marketing in a Post-COVID-19 World

The rapid spread of COVID-19 earlier this year has prompted organizations to scale back on their marketing campaigns. With the global economic shutdown and the government mandate to work remotely, the whole world has been put on hold. As such, organizations have no choice but to push back on their major product launches or to […]

“Sometimes the strongest and most innovative of ideas lie in the most basic of truths or insights” – Jay Mavani

“The more you deep-dive into the understanding of the who, what, why, when and where, the easier it becomes to create stories that are not only creative but also effective.” – Jay Mavani Marketing & Strategy Director, Sachiko Gaming (PokerStars India). Online gaming industry has been rising in India. The notion which brands are creating is […]

Top 12 Startups with Best Ad Campaigns (2020 Edition)

We all have been influenced by Best Ad Campaigns at some point in time. Haven’t we? So, have you ever wondered what it takes to create an iconic ‘Ad Video’?  Save all the research as we have listed the key points that make the Ad videos leave a lasting effect on our audience. Choose one […]

How to Run Cost-Effective B2B Online Marketing Campaigns?

Times are tough. The economic fallout resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous as consumers and businesses alike have changed their buying and spending habits to survive. The challenge now is to do more with less. Adapting to a changing landscape will help your business now and in the future by utilizing cost-saving techniques […]

2020 Holiday Strategies to Adapt to the Changing Consumer Insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across a number of industries. As a consequence, digital commerce has also grown exponentially over the past few months. Online shopping has made significant strides among consumers as they sought to replace the traditional and in-store sales channels. With the rush to meet the rising digital demand for […]