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Using an Effective Video Marketing Strategy for 2021 on TikTok

In a world where consumers are getting exposed to many video ads per day, it’s becoming clear that a straightforward ad wouldn’t make much of a difference to cut through the noise. Still, brands need to also be concerned about overexposure. According to Google, whenever consumers see the same videos played repeatedly, it can lead […]

10 Tools to Help You Build Your Business’s Online Presence

Every business needs a solid digital presence. Every business these days needs a solid online presence. But, not every entrepreneur is especially digital-minded. Fortunately, technology that can help you build your brand online abounds, and right now, you can score bonus savings on valuable tools. Just enter promo code PREZ2021 at checkout, and you can save an extra 15 percent off […]

Story time: YouTube is adding a button to quickly make TikTok-style videos

If TikTok’s explosive growth has proven one thing, it’s that short-form videos are not something that social platforms can afford to pass on — they’re catchy, they help improve app retention rates, and they’re attracting more ad dollars than ever before. Google has certainly realized this, and it’s making sure that YouTube adapts to changing […]

Learn about Video Marketing from Brent Chudoba

Your customers should be front of mind at every stage of the video marketing process — from creation to distribution. Brent Chudoba , CEO at Biteable Video Production has evolved at a very pace in recent times. What was earlier a complex specialized task has now become simple and a do-it-yourself task. Says the CEO. […]

New Things In Video Marketing In June 2021

To keep our community members updated with the latest news and trends in video marketing globally, we at Vidsaga have curated a list of new things in video marketing in June 2021. 25 New Thing In Video Marketing In June 2021 Facebook Video Marketing Check Out- Global Video Production Price guide TikTok Video Marketing Invitation […]

Video Marketing Can Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects, Increase ROI And Sales

In the crowded B2B arena, smaller companies’ marketing messages no longer have to struggle to be heard. TheVideoBot CMO, Maury Rogow, sees personalized video as a powerful, cost-effective way to connect with exactly the right audiences. It is estimated that in 2021, the average person watches more than 100 minutes of online video every day.(1) […]

5 Most Successful Video Marketing Tactics Brands Are Using to Grab Eyeballs and Convert Customers

By James Jorner – View Original The world is still reeling over the impact of Covid-19 with many businesses counting their losses. Corporate brands have been greatly affected as the majority of them have a brick-and-mortar structure. The commencement of Covid-19 vaccinations is the long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel and businesses are gearing up […]

4 Benefits of Using Video as a Marketing Tool

Are you thinking about adding video to your existing marketing strategy? If so, you should know that you’re making an excellent choice. Video content is growing in popularity, with experts predicting that by the end of 2021, the average person will watch 100 minutes worth of online content every day. Companies of all sizes can provide a […]

Video Marketing: A Case for Small Businesses

By Kaiti Norton – View Original In the golden age of content marketing, video is king. According to a survey by Wyzowl, consumers spend an average of 18 hours watching online video content per week – an increase of 7.5 hours since 2017. From YouTube to TikTok to Facebook and almost every platform in between, video […]

20 New Things in Video Marketing in April 2021

To update the community of marketers, entrepreneurs and experts with the latest news and trends in video marketing globally. We at Vidsaga have curated a list of latest evolution in video marketing in the month of April 2021. Check all the latest updates of video marketing on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and other digital media […]