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Tips for Sound That Supports Your Video Story

Excerpts from Sound and Story in Nonfiction Film and Video: A practical Guide for Filmmakers and Digital Content Creators (Routledge) by Amy DeLouise and Cheryl Ottenritter   Amy DeLouise (Left) and Cheryl Ottenritter (Right).   Sound plays a vital role in effective video storytelling. Sound can bring characters and places alive. Sound can be subtle, […]

5 New Ways Media Companies Are Leveraging Video Content to Generate Revenue

With technology and consumer behavior changing so rapidly, media companies now have new opportunities to diversify revenue through social media video. Today, companies are experiencing what I like to call the new golden age of opportunity for media. Below are five different ways your company can better engage with your audience and generate revenue. 1. Hyper-Targeted […]

The Seven Laws of Film Editing

Three years ago, I launched a YouTube channel called This Guy Edits (TGE).  Initially, I just wanted to show the process of cutting a specific feature film, “Flesh and Blood.” It was my third collaboration with director and Sundance filmmaker Mark Webber and I knew he would be game for the experiment.  Once that film […]

Insider tips: Here’s the kind of creative that wins over advanced TV audiences

“TV” has new meaning. No longer are audiences solely watching linear TV. Instead, they are engaged with content across devices and channels, with a growing number using over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) as a supplement or replacement to linear television. According to eMarketer, 57.2% of the U.S. population will watch CTV in 2019, up […]

5 Ways to Get Started with Video Marketing!

Back in the mid-1960s, social critic Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” when talking about video. And it’s even more true today! Rather than just being a container for your marketing content, video is a way of communicating a culture, an attitude, a style. As an entrepreneur, you probably already know […]

How to Succeed at Video Marketing Amidst Video Inflation

There are a few words that I’d use to describe video marketing right now all at once: Essential. Dynamic. Oversaturated.  Video marketing is important, because video is easily the best medium for dynamic storytelling, and more users than ever before want to see video more than anything else.  Unfortunately, everyone knows this, and our environment […]

Social Media Guide: How to Create Compelling Social Videos That Your Audience Will Crave

You’ve decided the type of video you’d like to create for your brand, or for your clients. You know it’s going to hit your marketing goals right out of the park. You have the perfect story in mind for this video, one that’ll reduce your audience to tears in under a minute on all the […]

How to Make a Looping GIF in After Effects

It’s the little-image-format-that-could; despite being over 30 years old, animated GIFs continue to show up everywhere. The ability to pack a series of animated images into one single, simple file (giving you the potential to tell a story and/or present multiple messages) is something we collectively just can’t seem to quit.  No matter how you […]

6 Facebook Video Marketing Tips That Will Help You Increase Views

Do you know how many videos get viewed by Facebook monthly users? Well, there are over 8 billion videos viewed every day, which is equivalent to 100 million hours of videos. Is yours one of them? If not, imagine how much you’re missing out. Your competition is already taking advantage of the numbers. Additionally, Facebook […]