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How To Check Keyword Ranking For Your Video In YouTube and Google

In the video below, I show you 5 ways to track the rankings for your videos in both YouTube and Google. I show the manual way which is really slow and a faster way using rank tracking tools. Get The One Blueprint That Gives You Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Grow A Profitable YouTube Channel. […]

Video Thumbnail Guide: How to Inspire Clicks

Your video thumbnail is the gateway to your content. Like a movie poster, it should convey everything a potential viewer needs to know to compel them to watch. You’ve put a ton of effort into planning, filming, and editing your video, and you’re confident it’s great content that viewers will love. But what if they […]

The Exhaustive List of Social Media Videos You Need

Have you seen an incredible video on YouTube and rushed to follow the channel, but after watching maybe ten or so videos realized you were getting bored of what felt like the same content being delivered in the exact same ways?  This goes for all social platforms. Viewers automatically want to see new, interesting content […]

How to Use Video to Build Trust & Win Sales

Trust is a key component in every brand’s relationship with its audience. In order to build and maintain credibility, attract customers, build relationships with loyal fans of the brand, and ultimately sell your products and services to them, they must first trust you.  These days, though, trust is more difficult to come by than it […]

How to tackle rising Facebook CPAs

SAN JOSE – With more advertisers and bigger budgets crowding onto Facebook and Instagram, acquisition costs are climbing. Advertisers can make their social ad dollars go further by re-thinking campaign fundamentals. “You need to make sure you’re scaling your available inventory for click-through rates, mirroring your audience, and being dynamic,” 3Q Digital’s Senior Strategy Development manager […]

Social Media Freshness: How to Fight the 24-Hour Social Cycle with New Content Daily

Social media is moving faster than ever before, and brands need to keep up or they’ll be left behind. I know that this is a pretty big, sweeping statement, but it’s also true. The half-life of the average social media post on the majority of platforms are decreasing, especially for branded content, just because there’s […]

Soapbox: Here’s why B2B should get better at episodic storytelling

Trends in storytelling generally stem from media and entertainment. Once these early adopters demonstrate success, edgy B2C brands borrow with pride. Then, B2B players catch on and test the tactic for themselves. And so it goes with episodic storytelling. Streaming services and premium television publishers are purposefully presenting stories as episodes to keep audiences coming […]

6 Ways to use Video as a powerful Sales tool

It’s been proven over and over again: Video delivers better results. But that just tells you that video is important, it doesn’t tell you how to use video. As a sales tool, video is engaging, expressive, and memorable. It can also be costly and time-consuming, compared to other types of media. That’s why you need […]

6 Ways to Scale Your Facebook Ad Campaigns Fast

Facebook Ads is one of the most potentially-profitably PPC platforms right now, especially with the high-engaging Instagram as part of its ad system. Brands of all sizes (and with budgets of all sizes) are relying heavily on this ad marketplace to reach new customers, develop brand awareness, and nurture users through the conversion process. Many […]

How Long Should Videos Be: The Ideal Social Video Length for Every Platform

When you’re creating video content for social media, there are a ton of decisions to make. Which platform (or platforms) do you want to create the video for, and what audience are you targeting, and are you going to optimize it for search and accessibility? What style do you want to go for, and what […]