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13 SEO Tips for Videos That Only the Experts Know

Video SEO 2017 may make or break some brands. Because video is the most highly consumed digital media, if your business has not yet introduced a video marketing campaign, you are falling behind. But producing videos is only the beginning. The next and quite possibly the most important step is optimizing that content for search […]

How Is Video Shaping 2017?

There is a lot of talk about how video will perform in 2017 and in the coming years. Video has taken enormous strides in the last few years, with dozens of impressive statistics that prove its massive influence on content across virtually every platform. Data shows that including video on a landing page increases conversion […]

Video Content: The Future of Social Media Marketing

In the digital marketing world, trends are constantly emerging. To stay competitive, brands need to stand out and adapt to evolving trends or else they risk falling behind and loosing the interest of their target audiences. My recommendation? Expand your marketing beyond image ads by incorporating video content. The rise of paid video ads is […]

How do Facebook Messenger Video Ads Work?

On January 27th, 2017, Facebook announced a regional test of a new feature for its messenger app. This feature presents ads in the app’s homepage, previously ad-free, offering new ways for businesses to connect with mobile users. Given the magnitude of Facebook’s marketing and business outreach in this area, it seems clear that messenger will […]

Online Video Gets More Money Than Anything

Right now, online video marketing is the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to attract traffic to your site. It is an absolute proven killer conversion creator and sales-getting machine. How to Do Online Video like an Expert The smartest marketers have already figured it out in expensive easy-to-do video marketing strategies and you’ll also hear […]

Video SEO: The Definitive Guide

Contents: Chapter 1. Video Keyword Research. Chapter 2. Create Awesome Videos. Chapter 3. Video Optimization. Chapter 4. Channel Authority. Chapter 5. Ranking Videos in Google. Chapter 6. Video Promotion Strategies. This guide has everything you need to know about video SEO. So if you want to rank your videos on YouTube and Google, you’re in […]

3 Ways to Leverage Video Content for SEO

Video continues to dominate content strategy in 2016, and video will account for 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019. Videos can generate more backlinks than text-based content because users find them more interesting and engaging. In fact, more than half of marketers name video as the type of content with the highest ROI, […]

Facebook is Testing a New Way to Show Ads on their Videos

We’ve talked about websites going Mobile-First for a while now and I think that’s a good thing. Mobile is essentially the primary way for people to access the internet as well as their social media accounts – and Facebook is one of the best examples for this. The Rise of Video Content Facebook apparently has […]

How to Use Landing Page Video to Increase Leads

You want leads, right? I mean that’s the name of the online game. Every single business needs leads to generate sales and yours is no different. Most businesses and entrepreneurs understand that simple landing pages can be an effective way to generate leads. Did you know that by adding a video to your landing page, […]