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Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Video Views Online.

YouTube isn’t very complicated. It’s all about thinking what will my audience click… while they are at work. That is the key. If you want a video to go viral that takes work, but the first step is putting up images and title that are not offensive. If it can be watched at work it […]

Video SEO: 4 easy optimization tips.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience online, whether you’re running a huge multi-national corporation or a small business employing just a few staff. In fact, more small businesses than ever are choosing to include videos on their websites as they realise that video is becoming an integral part of […]

Happy Holidays from Order Your Video!

Dear friends! This is the first time we have an opportunity to address you with our Christmas greetings. We are really thankful for your contribution to our new service. Hope we justified your expectations and provided you with excellent video production service. We will be waiting for you in the next year with more cool […]

How to Use 15-Second vs 30-Second Pre-Roll Video Ads for Ecommerce Retargeting.

Similar to television advertising, the most effective lengths for in-stream online video ads are 15 and 30-second spots. However, the advantage online video advertising has over TV is that it can be delivered in the form of a pre-roll video ad targeted and personally relevant to a consumer based on his individual shopping behavior. The […]

How To Ask Your Client For A Video Testimonial.

Some businesses hesitate to ask clients to prepare a testimonial but testimonials are one of the best ways to boost your online credibility, both for products and services. Video testimonials? Doubly so. When posted on social media networks the influence multiplies each time someone shares the video. In addition to boosting credibility, video testimonials can […]

Building a Video SEO Strategy.

The core tactics of technical Video SEO are pretty easy to pick up. You can read through the bulk of what there is to know about getting rich snippets, optimizing for YouTube, and driving links back to your site within a couple of hours. While advice on these tactics will adjust and evolve as new […]

Online Video Ad Spending Increased 27% in 2012: Projected to Grow Another 47%.

A new research report from online video advertising company has found that online video ad spending has rose 27 percent in 2012. projects that online video ad spending will continue to grow by another 20 percent in 2013. says the increase in online video ad spending came with a push to bring […]

The Universal Laws Of YouTube Video Marketing With James Wedmore (Interview).

Hey everybody, this is exciting here. We’ve got one heck of an interview coming up with one of the top leaders in the industry. In fact, James Wedmore is one of the most sought after authorities on video marketing. James is the founder of Video Traffic Academy, a 6,000 plus strong members’ community of small […]

How to Copyright Your Video Content Online and Protect Ownership.

Being that most of us are career marketers or video professionals, copyright protection, ownership, trademarks, fair-use and other legal matters that relate to the internet can be a bit confusing to understand. How should one go about copyright protecting video content for the web? How and when can you use other peoples’ copyrighted work in […]

Top 5 Mistakes People Make Creating Videos for Social Media.

Social media marketing is a must-have facet in any business nowadays; it helps your company stay connected with its audience, create a wider networking circle, and keeps you relevant. By implementing a web video into your social media platform, you will be able to stand out amongst your competitors and more easily connect with your […]