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Using Video in Social Media

Videos are a great tool for social media. They are a nice change of pace from pure text and, if used properly, they can offer a boost to online marketing. So how do you pick a video for your social media channels? The first thing you need to do is figure out what you are […]

Finding a Hook for YouTube Video Marketing

A YouTube video can be an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing. With the number of options that are available for sharing the material, you could easily find website owners based in another country are showing your material – without you lifting a finger. The problem with using YouTube is finding that perfect hook […]

Just The Stats: The Science of Video Engagement

“Video is the future of content marketing. That is, if it’s not the here and now.” -Chris Trimble, Axonn Media In 2013, ReelSEO released their Video Marketing Survey and Business Trends Report, which incorporated feedback from over 600 marketing respondents. They discovered the following: – 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns – […]

10 Video SEO Tips That Can Truly Impact Your Rankings

Recently, Purna Virji wrote a refreshing piece on the right way to think about SEO. In short, forget the silver bullets and focus on quality. Extending her approach, let’s focus in on video SEO and talk about how you can truly make an impact on your ranking. Many of the points articulated below have come […]

Video Marketing Strategies: The Hard and Soft Call-to-Action

The marketing process for creating a video will identify many important factors. For example it is essential to decide the overall aim of the video, to identify the key messages and to understand who we are communicating with. For most video creators this will all be standard practice. The depth of analysis and the implementation […]

Video for Business: 5 Enterprise Strategies Taken From the TV Playbook

The booming state of online video, the growth of screen-shares & web meetings, and the coming gen of video-native kids – here’s the bottom line: The next two years will radically up-end the notion that it’s too costly to make valuable videos. The ROI on business video – which can’t yet be easily measured – […]

6 Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube

It’s no secret that video is becoming more important to any company’s marketing strategy, and for many hosting these videos on YouTube makes the most sense. You can still feature your videos on your website, but it helps to also have a YouTube account and page. By letting your videos live on YouTube, people can […]

Leveraging Video For Effective Sales Enablement

The goal of any sales enablement program is to increase each sales rep’s overall sales and performance. Video content is a great tool to communicate proper performance behaviors and provide support to your sales team. By combining speech and visuals to train your staff, your sales team can access the content they need to prepare […]

How To Use Video For Social Media Marketing

Videos has become massively popular on the internet over the past few years, especially in advertising and marketing, and it is proving to be extremely useful for social media marketing too. Websites like YouTube and Vevo has played a massive influence in the rise of video online and with most social media websites being free, […]