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The Universal Laws Of YouTube Video Marketing With James Wedmore (Interview).

Hey everybody, this is exciting here. We’ve got one heck of an interview coming up with one of the top leaders in the industry. In fact, James Wedmore is one of the most sought after authorities on video marketing. James is the founder of Video Traffic Academy, a 6,000 plus strong members’ community of small […]

How to Copyright Your Video Content Online and Protect Ownership.

Being that most of us are career marketers or video professionals, copyright protection, ownership, trademarks, fair-use and other legal matters that relate to the internet can be a bit confusing to understand. How should one go about copyright protecting video content for the web? How and when can you use other peoples’ copyrighted work in […]

Top 5 Mistakes People Make Creating Videos for Social Media.

Social media marketing is a must-have facet in any business nowadays; it helps your company stay connected with its audience, create a wider networking circle, and keeps you relevant. By implementing a web video into your social media platform, you will be able to stand out amongst your competitors and more easily connect with your […]

Video not showing in search results: why?

The pages where I found Google wasn’t showing a video snippet all shared one trait: they were all heavy content pages. Which is why I started thinking about those and what could be the cause of Google not showing a video result but a normal text result. Then it hit me: what all of the […]

5 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Videos That Go Viral.

By now, we all know the Internet marketing mantra that “Content is King” and we also know that visually engaging content reigns as the attention-grabbing younger sibling, especially since YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Creating visually engaging content that goes viral is basically a marketer’s dream. Since we can’t always count on […]

Video production and branding are birds of a feather.

With a video production your viewers will make an immediate judgement on your brand and whether they want to keep watching the footage within a few seconds of clicking on play, so you need to get it right from the outset. Firstly, it helps to think of your brand as a person. What do they […]

Who Your Logo is Really For.

Have you created an official logo for your business? If so, yay, great for you! If not, it’s time to seriously think about one. I’ll be completely honest with you – I’m not a fan of DIY logos. So many people pay too little attention to their logos and try to get one the cheapest […]

Video clips with a Call to Action are a great content marketing tool.

Videos with a Call to Action is a great tool for sales lead generation. In this post, I’ll tell you how to create your own videos with a call to action. Want to promote something? Videos with a Call to Action are a great sales lead generation tool! Video is a superb content marketing approach, […]

How to Create a Video Production Brief.

Video is growing faster than any other component of the marketing mix and yet businesses continue to struggle to develop marketing videos that have a measurable impact on sales. This post explains why preparing a video production brief is necessary and provides guidelines as to what should be included in your next video production brief. […]

How to Optimize Your YouTube Video.

We’ve continued to work on our optimization guide for our clients. While we audit and provide our clients with what’s wrong and why it’s wrong, it’s imperative that we also provide the guidance on how to correct the issues. When we audit our clients, we’re always surprised at the the minimal effort put into to […]